Advantage Compliment

Melanie Palm, MD
Assistant Clinical Professor, UC San Diego
Founding Director, Art of Skin MD
Solano Beach, USA



"The ADVANTAGE provides optimal efficacy with reduced procedure time utilizing the larger spot size to not only reduce treatment time but also to penetrate deeply enough to maximize hair removal outcomes."

"ADVANTAGE allows users to adjust both the fluence and pulse widths to provide customized treatments according to the individual patient needs."

WooSeok Koh, MD, South Korea



"I tested the device on myself and found it to be very effective.”

“I like that we don’t have to tell patients they must wait until their second or third treatment to see results. With ADVANTAGE, results come rapidly. The comments from our patients have been extremely uplifting.”

“I think ADVANTAGE is excellent. It is a truly outstanding device among its peers in the market."

Jennifer Lee, MD, USA



"I have been really impressed with the ADVANTAGE laser from Lutronic.  My treatments are always efficacious, comfortable, and best of all I can do a man’s back in  7 minutes. ”

“Lutronic has brought a great laser to the market and made it affordable so I can be profitable with laser hair removal again."

Wendy McFalda, DO, USA



"We Love our ADVANTAGE Diode Laser! It is fast and almost painless. Our Aestheticians can do a pair of legs in 30 min or less or a full man’s back in the same time. It has greatly  increased our bottom line because we can do more services in less time. The clients are very satisfied with the results and because of the efficacy, most of them have purchased other areas. I can say it was a great decision to buy this laser. The investment was definitely worth it.”

Laura Galvan, RN, USA



"Treatment is easier and faster than anything I’ve used before. In my experience it’s 50% to 75% faster than Nd:YAG systems, and 30% to 50% faster than other systems using a similar wavelength. I can do an entire back in about 30 minutes, versus an hour or two with other systems. And from what I’ve seen so far, we are achieving results in two to three treatments that would require at least six treatments with the variety of other lasers I have operated previously. This is due to the adjustable pulse width and the large spot size, which is the largest I have ever used.”

“When performing hair removal with the ADVANTAGE system, patients experience very little discomfort as a result of the cooling and compression. In comparison, other laser hair removal devices I’ve used were much more painful."

Miranda Mogle, LE, USA