“Lutronic´s Clarity is such an effortless device to use; I have switched over to this device for all my permanent hair reduction treatments. I have come to rely on how quickly can switch between spot sizes and treatments without having to stop and change out the fiber. I also love that I have total control of cooling in all phases of treatment, which adds to the safety factor when treating skin of color.”

Gilly Munavalli MD, USA



“I am so glad to have the Clarity device in my office. It has become my go-to device for Permanent Hair Reduction, plus I love that I can also perform a wide variety of other efficacious treatments. The ROI on this device is tremendous.”

Omar Ibrahimi MD, USA



“CLARITY is my third Lutronic unit and one of the favorites in my practice. The device is perfect to perform virtually painless treatments on face and body. It is in constant use because it covers a wide range of indications and enables fast visible results. Patients are very satisfied and so am I.

Currently, I recommend the treatment of spider veins, as the cold season is suitable for it. With CLARITY I get very good aesthetic results without scars at a minimum treatment time. Also, expanded veins on the face (on nasal wings, nasal septum or cheeks) as well as haemangioma can be treated very effectively with the CLARITY laser.”

Bettina Rümmelein MD, Switzerland



“I have been using Clarity since early Dec, 2012. I have not received any complaints from my patients. Patients are very satisfied with its rapid and painless treatments. The trearmtments gather speed As shaving is not required before the hair removal treatment.

I especially used 12 – 15mm spots. I treated face, back and breast with Nd.YAG. Alexandrite was very satisfactory for the rest of the body. I’ve been using Nd:YAG on dark skinned and wheat skinned patients. I've been using 20 mm spot size on arms and legs, 12mm for face and 15mm for the other parts of the body.”

Kubilay Yucel, MD, Turkey



“ CLARITY long pulsed 755 nm Alexandrite is very effective for various pigment issues and photo rejuvenation without crusting. Generally wrinkles, pores or skin laxity can be improved all together with this dual wavelength workhorse. Advanced features of CLARITY provide me the ability to perform multiple combination treatment techniques. I prefer speedy hair removal feature of CLARITY, it is really efficient for fine hair removal.”

Chong-Hyun Won, MD, South Korea