The New Fractional RF Microneedling System

  • Over 1500 procedures per month
  • Hundreds of installations across the US

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"INFINI has the right combination of the transmission of energy through the insulated microneedle tips and variable depths taken together with the flexible balance between power levels and exposure times, making INFINI the ideal RF Skin Tightener*.”

Steven Weiner, MD, USA



"I’ve been bringing back my acne scar patients who plateaued after a series of non-ablative fractional laser treatments and treated them with Infini. Every single patient that was treated with Infini improved after 1 session.”

Joely Kaufman, MD, USA



"I have had the Infini for over a year and am finding that I am increasingly relying on it as my go to device to treat acne scarring. I find that impressive given our office employs several different fractional lasers and devices.”

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, USA



"The INFINI treatments produced a very desirable result in the appearance of my patient’s crepiness on the cheeks and even the upper neck. The RF energy seems to initiate a beneficial healing process from within the skin with minimal side effects and minimal down time that combine to make this an attractive treatment offering.”

Amy Miller, MD, USA



"The Infini is a powerful tool to treat scarring as well as wrinkles. I am excited to be able to offer an effective, non-ablative treatment to patients who cannot take extended downtime. The Infini combines microneedling and RF technology in a way that makes sense in theory. To see it work on actual patients is fantastic, for we can all name products that promise a lot but do not deliver.”

Jennifer S. Lee, MD, USA



"The main advantage of Infini, is that it delivers the RF energy in a very precise and controllable manner, which allows for more predictable and dramatic results, with less damage to surrounding tissue for less downtime than other competing procedures. I am particularly enthusiastic about the potential for off the face rejuvenation.”

Victor Ross, MD, USA



"Infini is a game changer when it comes to non-surgical skin tightening and wrinkle reduction… it delivers the energy precisely where you want it without worry of thermal damage surrounding tissue. You are able to maximize single treatment results by performing multiple passes. Plus, I love that I can treat my tanned patients.”

Flor Mayoral, MD, USA



"Our experience with the Infini has been very positive with patients excited about their results. We have added the Healite II treatment immediately following the Infini and this seems to decrease healing time by about a day. (Healite treatments are usually charged as a separate procedure, but they seem to be such a helpful marriage of technologies that we include this in the cost of an Infini procedure.)”

Chris Allan, MD, USA



"Finally! A Radiofrequency System That Makes Sense: The Infini From Lutronic"
"The energy can be precisely delivered down to the required level in the dermis with more accuracy and a greater degree of safety. INFINI has the right combination of the transmission of energy through the insulated microneedle tips and variable depths taken together with the flexible balance between power levels and exposure times,making INFINI the ideal "RF Skin Tightener" at the present time. In our hands we have used it effectively for a broad list of indications including acne scars*, skin tightening on the body*, and improving the fine lines and wrinkles of facial skin. "

Steven Weiner, MD, USA



"Infini provides effective treatment with minimal downtime. Patients can leave the office with minimal redness in the area of treatment that is easily camouflaged. They appreciate the ability to resume their normal activities quickly. Patients notice results progressively over time, the skin changes being gradual but significant. It is colorblind technology… it does not discriminate by skin type or if skin is tanned, it works well regardless. Infini builds collagen over time in multiple tissue planes to improve skin texture*, wrinkling and acne scarring*."

Melanie Palm, MD, USA



"The device is very easy to use and after the firstcouple of patients it is possible to perform full face and neck* treatment in less than 15 minutes. Varying energy, pulse duration, depth of needles penetration and number of passages it is possible to customize the treatment on each skin patient features. Finally we have a device/treatment that really allows us to obtain good results on the lower 1/3 third of the face and the neck*."

Matteo Tretti Clementoni, MD, Italy



"We find that INFINI, even with aggressive parameters, often it’s one or two days of downtime; which is far more achievable. I have to say, INFINI has kind of exceeded expectation."

Tapan Patel, MD, United Kingdom



"I can go 3.5 mm deep in skin without hurting epidermis - so you can help with deep scars*, deep wrinkles and many other treatments that you want to perform, (while) avoiding post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation."

Ivan Perez, MD, Colombia



"The Infini is affordable, easy and quick to use, has a low down time and a high patient satisfaction. Deciding to purchase the Infini is a no brainer!"

Harryono Judodihardjo, MD, United Kingdom



"RF is a perfect modality for treating skin because you can treat all skin types. INFINI is so well accepted by patients that we’ve performed more than 500 treatments in only six months. Adverse events are minimal, limited mostly to edema and erythema after treatment."

Franco Lauro, MD, Italy



"After I experienced the wrinkles on my own cheek flatten after INFINI treatment, I was very satisfied with the results. Now I have the best marketing tool you can imagine: self-experience! So, whenever you need improvement on wrinkles without downtime, INFINI is the way to go. It has been effective for rhytides in most cases without any long term side effects."

Prof. Michael Drosner, MD, Germany



"Using INFINI RF with insulated microneedles reduces side effects in spite of applying high energy. I usually combine stem cell derived factors with microneedle-based RF treatment for skin rejuvenation*, as microneedles can offer a good route for drug delivery*. I also use Infini for excessive sebum secretion*, large pores* and skin laxity*."

Hee Jung Lee, MD, South Korea



"INFINI MFR precisely delivers energy at the desired level with dramatic induction of collagen remodeling, hence, it works as a dual mode achieving rapid results… Getting results from within and without, on the skin surface, and the texture* improvements which are probably possible only with INFINI."

B. Chandrashekar, MD, India

*Non FDA cleared indications.