"I have been using different IPL systems in the past decade. Since about more than a year ago, I had this chance to work with the Solari system and I really like it.

The Solari system provides a very wide range of applications, though my main usage was for hair removal. In comparison with the other IPL systems(I rather not to name them!), the Solari is very robust and reliable. In my opinion, its main advantage is its cooling system which is very effective and makes the procedure almost totally painless.

From the technical point of view, the Solari IPL system is different from the other IPL systems mainly because of its sharp cut-off filtering technology. Another advantage of the Solari system is the capability of using different pulse widths with flexible relaxation times. With these capabilities and its unique cooling system, the rates of side effects are very low with the Solari. Actually, personally had no side effects with the Solari, so far!

In summary, the Solari system is a reliable, safe, fast and very user friendly IPL system I have ever worked with!" 

Omid Zargari, MD, Iran