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Glenn Messina, MD
Messina Esthetic Medicine
New York, USA


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Ross Levy, MD
Director Dermatologic Surgery Program
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
New York, USA



“For melasma patients, one of my treatment choices is now Laser Toning with Lutronic SPECTRA laser. I have seen excellent results with the low level approach with the 1064 nm Q-switched Spectra laser. My patients usually see improvement after 4 to 6 weeks from the initial session.”

“Especially in some countries in Europe where sunbathers still worship the sun, there are many patients who have sun-damaged skin with multiple epidermal pigmented lesions. These lesions are found on exposed body areas such as face, hands, chest and back. When I treat them with a 532/1064 Q-switched Lutronic SPECTRA laser, in a multi-layer approach, my patients are very pleased and impressed by the excellent results.”

“Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) sometimes occurs after cosmetic procedures such as laser or chemical peel treatments. The unique low level 1064 nm Q-switched treatment approach with the Lutronic SPECTRA laser has proven to be a valuable treatment modality for this indication. ”

Christine Dierickx, MD, Belgium



“Lutronic’s advanced dual mode Nd:YAG SPECTRA laser will bring your practice amazing treatment versatility. Treatments for melasma, tattoo removal, non-ablative resurfacing, as well as pigmented lesions. Our patients are very happy with their results. Additionally, its two dye headpieces are excellent choices for various colored tattoos.”

Mitchel Goldman, MD, USA



“The SPECTRA Q-Switched 1064nm laser is a compact, powerful and user friendly device that has surprised and impressed me significantly.”

Christopher Zachary, MD, USA



“I have found that one of my favorite devices is the SPECTRA™. I love the Spectra--it's a very versatile machine that allows me to treat pigmentary issues, blood vessels, enlarged pores, skin texture, and unwanted tattoos of ALL colors with one device.”

Melanie Palm, MD, USA



“Versatility makes SPECTRA stand out. The user interface is intuitive and facilitates adjustment of parameters during treatment. We can treat as aggressively or gently as is required for the situation, using wavelengths the aesthetic medical community is familiar with.”

Suzanne Kilmer, MD, USA



“I love my SPECTRA VRM III because my patients do; it is an absolute “must have” in any practice. From skin rejuvenation to tattoo removal, skin lesions… The SPECTRA can’t be beat.”

Kevin Duplechain, MD, USA



"We’re excited about adding the Lutronic devices to our collection of lasers, we’ve already had great results in treating sun damage and wrinkles, as well as removing tattoos with the SPECTRA.”

David Vasily, MD, USA



“The SPECTRA VRM III laser is clearly the ‘leader’ at our practice due to its versatility, power and dependability. The device features 7 adjustable spot sizes, 4 treatment wavelengths, as well as a zoom and collimated hand piece, unrivalled in the industry. These design features result in faster treatment times, greater ease of use and higher patient satisfaction, making SPECTRA VRM III the perfect go-to laser.”

Gideon Kwok, MD, USA



“The SPECTRA VRM III is one of the most versatile devices any practice could ask for, as it was designed to treat a large number of dermatological and aesthetic applications, including tattoo removal, acne scars, dermal and epidermal pigmented lesions, and superficial vascular lesions. By having the ability to treat the causes of the problem rather than merely the symptoms, the SPECTRA VRM III continues to be my laser of choice.”

Lori Robertson , MD, USA



“The SPECTRA has evolved and become the 'workhorse' of my practice. My practice was already very busy prior to bringing in the SPECTRA, but this laser has definitely increased our daily bookings. And, the marketing for this device was so incredibly easy!”

Matthew Werner, MD, USA



“SPECTRA is my go to laser. It is the most versatile and most frequently used laser I own.”

H. Lee, MD, USA



“Patients, doctors, time element, profitability are all keys to success to any aesthetic practice…and in this competitive environment right now we need something like the SPECTRA.”

“The SPECTRA has filled a niche, it’s what we have been looking for.”

John Shieh, MD, USA



“One of my favorite things about [the Spectra] is it affords you four different wavelengths… Having a device that can treat the full spectrum of tattoos is essential… [It] provides a lot of flexibility. The design of the device is very user intuitive.”

“I find myself leaving that device on longer and longer and using it multiple times a day.”

“Some of my tattoo patients who I'd been treating with an alternative device were commenting on how much more clearance they were getting with the Spectra. ”

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, USA



“ I have been doing tattoo removal for over 11 years. This is the fifth laser I have used for tattoo removal. The SPECTRA is faster than most, and I am able to turn the unit off between clients. The SPECTRA turns on instantly, and setup for each procedure is a breeze. Additionally, I can now do a variety of procedures. The Spectra Peel is new to my office, but my clients just rave about it. 90% of my Spectra Peel clients are referred by word of mouth. Increased procedures means more productive hours per day.”

Kevin Crawford, RN, USA